CUSIB Executive Director Ann Noonan on Tiananmen

Ann Noonan, Executive Director of the Committee for International Broadcasting (CUSIB)

Remembering Tiananmen Square

June 3, 2020

By Ann Noonan, Executive Director, Committee for US International Broadcasting

Thank you for welcoming the Committee for US International Broadcasting to help commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. It is an honor to be included in this event with CUSIB Board Member Jing Zhang, and with one of the world’s greatest freedom fighter, Wei Jingsheng.

CUSIB’s commitment to helping journalists and media freedom couldn’t be stronger than it is today.

With the history of Voice of America’s global significance in covering this event 1989, we will not sit by and watch Voice of America continue to erode while the USAGM’s management and bureaucracy flourish.

As Voice of America and the US Agency for Global Media seek new leadership, we will continue to reach out our hand to support journalists and support media freedom in China and Hong Kong. We will continue to advocate for increased funding for Voice of America’s Cantonese, Mandarin and Tibetan Services, as well as Radio Free Asia.

As the world remembers China’s students who sacrificed their lives in 1989 for freedom and democracy, our thoughts and prayers are with Hong Kongers who are not allowed to gather this year as they have done in the past to commemorate this somber occasion, and who struggle for democracy and basic human rights. The Tiananmen Students asked for the world to not forget them. We won’t. And we won’t abandon Hong Kong.

CUSIB will continue to advocate for the US Congress to carefully monitor this often overlooked federal agency, and support the efforts, among others, of the Tiananmen Mothers, Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen, Hong Kong’s Democracy leader Martin Lee, and Apple Daily’s Jimmy Lai.

CUSIB has been enriched by our Advisory Board Members, and as on events such as these, we cannot overlook the contributions of those who have gone before us, including Harry Wu, Robert Senser, and Marie Ciliberti. May they always remain in our hearts.

CUSIB looks forward to help from the United States along with Taiwan’s President and England’s Prime Minister, so Hong Kongers voices can grow stronger.

We remain dedicated to helping their voices to be heard.

Thank you.

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