Don't silence Voice of America to China

The Washington Times has published an op-ed by CUSIB’s Ted Lipien, Free Media Online president, urging Congress to stop the Broadcasting Board of Governors from silencing the Voice of America radio to China.

A Chinese free labor union leader like Poland’s Walesa could be declared expendable by the BBG, which manages U.S. international broadcasting operations, because he has no Internet and no higher education, is older than 30 and is poor.

Government executives who advise part-time presidential appointees at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) would want you to believe that silencing Voice of America radio to China is a great political and technological idea that is bound to displease the communist regime in Beijing. The savings would be used to expand Internet presence, or so they claim. But theirs is a misguided proposal that would harm both the United States and pro-democracy forces abroad. It sends a strong signal to authoritarian regimes that Americans either don’t care about human rights or don’t know how to defend them. Not surprisingly, the Chinese communists already have greeted the BBG announcement as a defeat for America. Read The Washington Times op-ed: LIPIEN: Don’t silence Voice of America radio to China