CUSIB welcomes media consultant and human rights campaigner Manny Papir as new Advisory Board member

The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) is proud to have Manny Papir as a new member of its Advisory Board to help us promote the cause of press freedom and uncensored news delivery to nations without free media. Mr. Papir brings to CUSIB a set of unique experiences and abilities in government, media communications and human rights campaigning.
Manny Papir was born in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution. It taught him early-on the importance of freedom both of the individual and for a nation. Manny would learn that important lesson again when he and his family arrived to the United States and were relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1960s during the upheaval of the Civil Rights movement gripping the nation.
Both of theses events converged and directed Manny to lead a life committed to seeking justice for those who have experienced abuses whether racially motivated or due to corrupt and unjust political dictators.
Throughout his life Manny has helped in a variety of causes whether demanding rights for those still imprisoned in Cuba or fighting for equality in the Middle East and beyond. Interest in political justice led Manny to New York where he studied Social Work at Columbia University. Following Columbia University Manny became a part of a group of dissidents protesting injustice across the globe to now include lending voice to the on-going fight for freedom in China, Tibet and other areas of Asia.
From 1994 – 2001 Manny served in City Hall with Mayor Giuliani eventually becoming Deputy Chief of Staff to the Mayor. His duties also included media communications as Deputy Press Secretary.
On September 11, 2001 Manny was with Mayor Giuliani as the City and the Nation struggled to regain its balance after such a devastating attack. From September 11th through the end of his tenure at City Hall, Manny provided the principal coordination for visiting Heads of State as well as visiting delegations from across the world.
During the 2000 national election cycle Manny was involved in the Emmy winning series 100 Days 1000 Voices which aired on MSNBC. This series uncovered the core issues Americans felt would compel them to choose their elected officials. Manny has also advised several political campaigns.
In 2003 Manny was a producer for a series of broadcasts on NBC from Paris, France, Cairo Egypt, Tel Aviv and East Jerusalem, Israel and Istanbul, Turkey during the commencement of the War on Terrorism.
In the years since City Hall, Manny has been active in promoting access to clean water globally utilizing sustainable technology. His activities include projects in Africa, Europe and Latin America.