CUSIB's Jing Zhang's article on China's war on baby girls published in National Review Online

The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) Advisory Board member Jing Zhang published an article in National Review Online on China’s war on baby girls. She describes reprisals by the Chinese communist authorities against a charity helping Chinese women keep and feed their infants. These reprisals have intensified after the daring escape from house arrest by the blind Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng who was jailed for exposing forced sterilizations and abortions as part of China’s one-child policy.
Jing Zhang has been an active supporter of Voice of America (VOA) radio broadcasts to China as an important uncensored news source for women and their families, particularly in rural China.
Women’s Rights in China (WRIC) NGO, which Jing Zhang founded, has produced a short video showing that both very young and older persons in China continue to rely on Voice of America radio broadcasts for uncensored news and information. These comments, recorded in China, point to the censorship of the Internet by the Chinese authorities and the fact that hundreds of millions of Chinese cannot use the Internet to access VOA websites, which are being blocked in China, or can’t afford to have Internet access of any kind.

Link to the Women’s Rights in China video on the 70th anniversary of Voice of America broadcasting to China.
Jing Zhang suffered five years in prison for her belief in freedom and democracy. After leaving China, she spent 20 years building a career as a newspaper editor in Hong Kong and the United States. She founded Women’s Rights in China in 2007. She joined the Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) Advisory Board in 2011.