Albanian American New York State Assemblyman Protests Proposed Cuts in U.S. Broadcasts to the Balkans

Member of the New York State Assembly Mark Gjonaj wrote a letter to Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chairman Jeff Shell expressing concerns about the proposed elimination of U.S. news services to Albanians and others in the Balkans.

“Media is the most effective and efficient method to deter extremist forces seeking to penetrate and establish their presence in the region and counter any human rights issues in the Balkans. The root of some of the past bloody conflicts in the Balkans can be attributed to disinformation or suppression of information. It is an undisputed fact that Russia’s historic ties to this region have been based on manipulating the media, which is evident in regards to today’s US and EU imposed sanctions. The Albanian community relies upon Voice of America’s services to receive balanced news and uncensored information. In order to protect and further the interests of the United States, Voice of America should continue to be a source of information for all the people in this region,” New York Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj wrote to Broadcasting Board of Governors Chairman Jeff Shell.

Letter fromNew York State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj to BBG Chairman Jeff Shell